Northern Hills R/C Flyers

                                          GPS LOCATION:  44.551136,-103.866313            APPROXIMATE ELEVATION: 3435 feet

  Safety Rules

These rules are in addition to the Official AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code. All model flying MUST be in accordance with this code.

General Rules:

1. All pilots must fly on an established flight line as set per wind direction or consensus of pilots.

2. All pilots should be behind the pilot barrier during normal flying.

3. All 72 MHz radios should display the channel number on which it is transmitting.

4. No taxiing in the pit area. Aircraft must be restrained until beyond safety fence.

5. No flying over pit, parking, or spectator area.

6. No Alcoholic beverages allowed.

7. No flying without current AMA and NHR/C Flyers membership.

8. All equipment must be in satisfactory condition and tested prior to flight.

9. All 72 MHz radio equipment MUST be AMA gold sticker’d (narrow band).

10. New pilots must be certified by an instructor before their first solo flight.

11. Identification must be present in models including name, address, and AMA number.

12. All 72 MHz radios must use the frequency control board at all times.

13. Maiden flights will be given priority status as requested by the pilot.

14. Dead stick landings or other aerial emergencies are given absolute priority.

15. Announce your intentions to land, takeoff, or walk on the runway to other pilots that are flying or are waiting to takeoff.

16. It is strongly recommended that members do not fly alone.

17. On 72 MHz, be EXTREMELY aware of your frequency and do not turn on your transmitter without checking other frequencies or           without obtaining the correct frequency pin.
Site Specific Rules:

1. Deliberate flying behind the flight line is prohibited.

2. Do not fly near or over the Treatment Plant to the South East. 

3. Care must be taken to not over fly the Rod and Gun Club.

4. No smoking except in an automobile.

5. The flight area should be occupied by no more than four airborne aircraft at any one time without the consensus of those present     or a special event at which time the event director will determine the maximum number.

 Site Operational Rules:

1. Flying is restricted to club members and their guests, provided that the guest has an AMA membership.

2. Cars are to be parked only in designated area.

3. On arrival at the field, 72 MHz radios should secure your frequency pin from the frequency board. If you have to share a pin you         will have to work it out with the other member.

4. Do not aim prop wash at other modelers, their equipment or their autos.

5. New or repaired aircraft must be range checked, and it is recommended that someone other than you double-check the controls if practical.

6. Anything that you bring to the field you take with you when you leave.

7. Pets must be leashed and kept in the parking or spectator area at all times.  

8. Last one to leave should check that all buildings are locked, check that nothing has been left behind and lock the gate.

These rules are required for everyone’s protection and must be followed. Every member is responsible for enforcement. Any infraction of these rules may result in revocation of your daily flying privileges. Additional infractions may result in a probationary period or revocation of club membership.

Remember, this hobby is fun, let’s keep it that way,  

                                                                                                 Safety First